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#7 v21.06, A-GPS, Megapixels, Bluetooth, gPodder, iPhone 7 2021-07-29 (37:48)
#6.2 AsteroidOS, PinePhone Battery/RAM Freq, RetroArch, Firefox 2021-06-13 (33:22)
#6.1 Alpineconf, MMS, Lomiri, PureMaps, postmarketOS-tweaks 2021-06-13 (31:45)
#5 Alpineconf, and interview with proycon from sxmo 2021-04-28 (28:54)
#4 EG25-G, v21.03, Why Alpine, mobile-config-firefox 2021-03-29 (32:31)
#3 Librem 5, Mainlining, Feedbackd, Plasma 5.21 2021-02-21 (37:28)
#2 Roadmap, daily driving and how to help 2021-01-20 (27:44)
#1 History 2020-12-19 (25:01)