#17 INTERVIEW: Peter Mack (of LinuxPhoneApps, LINMOB.net Fame)

May 02, 2022 54:20
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If you are like us and open the virtual LINMOB.net newspaper once a week to discover what's new in the scene without getting your brain fried by social media, you'll be as excited as we are to learn more about the person that keeps the show running. The weekly updates is just one of his endeavours of course, we also talk about LinuxPhoneApps and some other cool projects he has been involved with.

Featuring @ollieparanoid, @MartijnBraam, @calebccff, @PureTryOut, @linmob (in order of appearance).

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Editing by: @MartijnBraam, @ollieparanoid, Music by: The Passion HiFi, Joe In Here