#18 Biktor's Story, v22.06, SDM845, MSM8916, Bluetooth HFP

May 29, 2022 46:40
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What's Biktor's background and motivation for doing all that work with his alternative EG25-G modem firmware? Will we finally be able to upgrade from one postmarketOS release to the next one with upcoming v22.06? What's it like to play around in the SDM845 audio maze? You guessed it, we'll talk about all that and a whole lot more. Put on some headphones and enjoy!

Featuring @ollieparanoid, @calebccff, @MartijnBraam, @dylanvanassche, @PureTryOut (in order of appearance).

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Editing by: @MartijnBraam, @ollieparanoid, Music by: The Passion HiFi