#26 Mastodon, Mailbag, v22.12, RISC-V, pmbootstrap CI

December 12, 2022 50:56
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Like every other podcast in your feed we give our two cents on what's been happening in the Fediverse, like why it's really great to see so many free software related projects and people moving over from that bird site. And that one should seriously consider supporting the admins of the instance they are using with a monthly donation or something. Besides that, we share some news on soon-to-be-released v22.12 such as call audio support for OP6 and other cool stuff that has been happening.

Featuring @MartijnBraam, @calebccff, @ollieparanoid (in order of appearance).

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Editing by: @ollieparanoid, Music by: The Passion HiFi, @ollieparanoid