#38 FOSDEM 2024 Special

February 14, 2024 31:19
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Compared to last year, we decided to do the recording inside the cafeteria instead of outside, and on Sunday instead of Saturday. Twice the amount of FOSDEM days to talk about, and with more people talking in the background. Enjoy!

Featuring @z3ntu, @ollieparanoid, @pabloyoyoista, @craftyguy, @Newbyte, @dos, @PureTryOut, @linmob (in order of appearance), also @~r (sampled in the outro).

Not included in the episode: a three day post-FOSDEM hackathon, read all about it on the blog!

Video recordings of the talks:

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Editing by: @ollieparanoid, Music by: The Passion HiFi