#21 INTERVIEW: Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (of Phosh, Librem 5 Fame)

August 07, 2022 52:45
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Even though time is precious when participating in Game Jams, Sebastian does not simply generate sound effects like everybody else - instead he records himself playing them on real instruments. That's what we talked about when we were done with recording this episode anyway. What he does talk about here is the Die Hard GNU/Linux User On Phones side of himself, and how he channels it into developing all these amazing Phoc/Phosh and Librem 5 improvements! Also how he has used a certain non-GNU libc based mobile Linux distribution, and how he fulfilled his dreams of shrinking windows.

Featuring @ollieparanoid, @calebccff, @MartijnBraam, @dos (in order of appearance).

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Editing by: @MartijnBraam, Music by: The Passion HiFi