#20 Considering SourceHut Special

July 25, 2022 41:26
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Here's something different. We have been considering to move from gitlab.com to SourceHut and this episode right here is the companion to the blog post we just released. We decided to do both so people can get a TL;DR version on the blog with the most important information and the tentative roadmap. But also a fourtyone minute conversation where we go deep. There is a lot to talk about, and this episode is like a glimpse into the many hours of team meetings we had on this topic before the announcement. Featuring @craftyguy, @ollieparanoid, @calebccff, @MartijnBraam (in order of appearance).

If you have contributed to postmarketOS in the past: looking forward to your thoughts on this in postmarketos#49.

Editing by: @ollieparanoid, Music by: The Passion HiFi