#28 FOSDEM 2023 Special

February 12, 2023 30:28
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Between the Saturday closing of FOSDEM 2023 and going to a restaurant, we managed to squeeze around a table outside the cafeteria to record the very first ever in-person postmarketOS podcast episode! Fresh in the moment we share our experiences from the FOSS on mobile devroom, meeting great people at the Linux on Mobile stand (and everywhere else at FOSDEM/in Brussels) and random other cool things that were going down.

Featuring @spaetz (sampled in the intro), @ollieparanoid, @linmob, @craftyguy, @MartijnBraam, @calebccff, @PureTryOut, @z3ntu (in order of appearance).


Video recordings of the talks:

PinePhone and Lima / Mesa:

We're aware that mesa#8198 is still causing problems for people on the PinePhone. Big thanks to @enues from mesa who was talking to us at the stand and is now looking into it! We also have issue pmaports#805 about screen freezes. If you are affected by this and would like to help out, firing up a profiler and making/contributing to detailed, useful bugreports upstream at mesa is appreciated.

@spaetz from Mobian did a great job at moderating the devroom! (Correction: Ollie said from Maemo instead of Mobian in the recording.)

Editing by: @ollieparanoid, Music by: The Passion HiFi