#8 INTERVIEW: Caleb Connolly (of OnePlus 6 / SDM845 Mainlining Fame)

August 27, 2021 45:21
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Guess what, we did another interview episode - this time with Caleb! After talking about various cool recovery systems that will make you feel like a true hacker when used, we talk about how they got sucked into the free software Linux smartphone scene. From how amazing it is to mainline your device and then have the terminal appear on the screen for the first time, to how it's not unlikely that their OnePlus 6 port becomes daily driver ready by the end of the year.

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Featuring @craftyguy, @PureTryOut, @z3ntu, @MartijnBraam, @minlexx, @ollieparanoid, @caleb (in order of appearance).

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Editing by: @MartijnBraam, Music by: The Passion HiFi